Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Richard Prince

It was bound to happen eventually. Appropriation artist Richard Prince is currently being sued by photographer Patrick Cariou for the unsanctioned use of his photograph in Prince's most recent body of work. PDN has article on it that you can read here.

For years Richard Prince has been appropriating photographs and using them in his works. Most famous are his re-photographs of the Marlboro man ads. What I find most interesting about Prince's practice his ability to re-contextualize images in a way that sheds light on to their subliminal meaning, especially in his use of advertisements.

His work, which came about in the late 70's and early 80's, is connected conceptually to the work Barbara Kruger who also appropriates images of advertising but adds text to inverse or add a new layer to their intended meaning.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Open lab schedule for Spring 2009.
Labs begin on Monday, January 26

B&W Darkroom:
Mondays:   9am-1pm &  5-10pm
Tuesdays: 12:30-10pm
Wednesdays:  9am-1pm
Thursdays:  8:30am-6pm
Fridays:  9am-8:30pm 

Hicks Digital Lab:
Mondays:  noon-10pm
Tuesdays:  8am-1:30pm & 5:30-10pm
Wednesdays:  noon - 4pm
Thursdays:  5:30-10pm
Fridays:  9am-8:30pm

Studio & Lighting Lab (Hicks 104)
Mondays:  10am-10pm
Tuesdays:  9am-10pm
Thursdays:  6-10pm
Fridays:  9am-8:30pm