Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Karl Baden's Project

As further evidence of the wonder of the internet, Karl Baden noticed Chad's post regarding his photographs and let us know about a project he has been working on.  He has been examining the relationship between well known photographs and book cover design.  You can check out the project here:  www.coveringphotography.com

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Francesca Woodman & Lee Friedlander

Although not as obsessive as Baden, Francesca Woodman and Lee Friedlander are both known for self portraiture.  Friedlander's images are quirky and ironic.  Woodman's images feature the artist melting into walls and disappearing before our eyes.       

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Karl Baden

Kimberly reminded me of another photographer who has been conducting a similar experiment of photographing themselves throughout the years. Karl Baden has been photographing himself everyday since 1974. The results are compelling to say the least. Chad
I found this rather amazing video on youtube. A young man named Noah has photographed himself with his digital camera for the last six years and then created a video from the resulting photographs.

It makes me think about the way the photograph is inherently about loss. Photographs are often an attempt to capture the moment but can really only capture the past. Once the shutter has been pressed that moment captured becomes part the past and now only exist as a latent image on film or a digital information on the camera's sensor.

If the photographer keeps this project going it will be interesting to see the future outcome. enjoy!



Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Extended open labs in digital and black & white for the end of the semester:
Thursday, December 11 - open until 10pm
Friday, December 12 - open until 10pm

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What to do on your Holiday Break

• Go see the William Eggleston exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC.  Eggleston is one of the pioneers of color photography. . . don't miss it!!
•Amy Stein's "Domesticated" series will be on view at the Print Center at 1614 Latimer Street in Philadelphia from December 11 - February 14.
•At the Museum of Modern Art in NYC - New Photography 2008:  Josephine Mecseper and Mikhael Subotzky
•At the Michener Museum in Doylestown - Susan Bank Cuba:  Campo Adentro photographs, Saving Face - and exhibit of portrait photographs.

Photo Classes for Spring 2009

Take a photo class this spring!
VAFA 110 - Digital Photography Fundamentals
(Chad States, Ellie Brown, Susan Woodward or Kimberly Witham)
VAFA 210 - Digital Photography II
(Kimberly Witham)
VAFA 211 - Studio & Lighting
(Kimberly Witham)
VAFA 151 - Darkroom Photography I
(John Ivanchenko, Doug Skinner or Susan Woodward)
VAFA 157 - Darkroom Photography II
(Chad States)
VAFA 196 - History of Photography
(Kate Pollard)
Make sure to get ADVISED!!  Registration is going on NOW!