Saturday, April 28, 2012

World Wide Pinhole Day & Arts at Bucks!

Wow.  Sunday, April 29 is a busy day.  The Arts at Bucks reception will take place from 1-4pm on the Newtown campus AND it is World Wide Pinhole Day.  Take a pinhole photo and upload it to this site where it will become part of the Pinhole Archive!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Calling all Bucks Photo students, transfers and alums!

We have added a new feature to the photo blog - links to the websites of current and former Bucks photo students. If you are a current or former Bucks photo student and would like your site linked, please send me the url ( Sorry but no Flickr sites! I have added a few links to start the process. . .


Photo Certificate alum Rob Noll deserves a huge congratulations. He was recently selected by American Photo on Campus magazine as a winner in their "Go Pro" contest. The image above won first place in the sports photography category. Pick up a free copy of the magazine in the photo department while they last!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The results are in. . .

Thanks to all who submitted photographs for the 2012 Student Exhibition. As always, there were too many beautiful photographs from which to choose. If your work was not selected, don’t be discouraged!

Congratulations to the following students:

(in no particular order)

Richard Hackman The Train

Bill Kraus Reflections – Tokyo

Ann Marie Luyando Solace

Margaryta Kenis Old Lady Reading

Barbara A. Churilla Sycamore

Jettie Sailor At The Recital

Margaryta Kenis Glass (three glasses)

Sharon Mastrosimone Daydreams

Emili Witzer Mystery Liquid

Ryan Ross Memorabilia

Nicolette Kampf Suction Cups

Nicolette Kampf Stangulation

David Wagner Praying

Tyler Washington Garden Houses 421

Mary Snyder Athletic

Brittany King Waiting

Lori Patano Cleaning Day

Dustin George Busy Day Drinking Ice Tea

Joseph Barford Shaving (Self Portrait)

Mark Dingman Abduction

Katelyn Kepenhaver Uprising

Judy Dinnerman Untitled (Foggy Landscape)

Gabriele Picone Reflection

Aaron Brough Stover Dam

Lori Patano Untitled (man in window)

Erica Minton Self Portrait (black and white)

Kimberly Abraham Untitled

Bonnie Gepner Margo

Jan Watson Window

If your work was selected for the exhibition, you will need to matt or mount the work and return it by Wednesday, April 18. Be sure to attach the submission form to the back of your print before returning it so that we can be sure that the title and name are correct when we make the labels. Work should be dropped off during normal office hours. It can be delivered to the Hicks Art Center Gallery.

Please pick up all submissions by Friday, April 20. We have limited storage space!

Monday, April 2, 2012


We have reached that time again. Advising begins on April 9 and priority registration begins on April 23. If you are a photo certificate student, you should sign up for an advising appointment with Kimberly Witham. An advising sign up sheet is posted on the door to the Hicks digital lab (Hicks 120). The following classes will be offered in the Fall:

• VAFA 110 - Digital Photo Fundamentals
Learn the basics of photography and Photoshop. Exposure control, depth of field, motion.. . how to use your digital camera.

• VAFA 151 - Photography I
Learn to expose and develop black and white film in the darkroom. This class covers exposure and camera controls along with developing and printing black and white film negatives.

• VAFA 210 - Digital Photography II
This class covers more advanced Photoshop & Camera controls as well as digital printing and color management. Please note: If you wish to register for this class you must receive permission and be placed on the approved list. Contact Kimberly Witham for more information. (Pre-requisite: VAFA 110)

• VAFA 211 - Studio Lighting Fundamentals
Learn to manipulate light in the studio and on location. Use florescent, tungsten and strobe lighting for portrait, still life and location work. (Pre-requisite: VAFA 110 OR VAFA 151 and VAMM 100)

• VAFA 257 - Large Format Photography
Find your inner Ansel Adams. This course shows students how to use a large format camera to shoot a variety of subjects. Students shoot 4 x 5 inch black and white film using view cameras. The detail in these negatives is incredible. . .. cameras are provided. (Pre-requisite VAFA 151)

Sign up for advising today!!!!