Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Open Lab hours for Fall 2010

Welcome back! Open labs in photo begin this week.

Darkroom: noon-1
Digital: noon-10
Lighting: 5-10

Darkroom: 12:30-5:30
Digital: 8:30-1:30

Darkroom: 9-1 & 5-10
Digital: noon-10
Lighting: 5-10

Darkroom, Digital and Lighting: 12:30-10

Darkroom, Digital and Lighting: noon-6

Darkroom, Digital and Lighting: 1-6

Congrats Kerrie Michener!

A big congratulations to Kerrie Michener - her concert photos are currently featured on! Last fall, Kerrie photographed Pearl Jam at the now closed Philly Spectrum as part of her Digital Photo II final project. Two of those photos are currently featured in a tribute to the Spectrum in the online version of Rolling Stone. Check out the photos here. (Kerrie's photos are number 7 and 16) One is featured above. (©Kerrie Michener)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Last Roll of Kodachrome. . . ever.

Several months ago, Kodak announced it would stop production of Kodachrome. Kodachrome was one of the first color films on the market. Many iconic photographs were captured on Kodachrome including Steve McCurry's famous 1984 National Geographic cover. Appropriately, McCurry was granted the honor of shooting the last roll of Kodachrome ever produced. To read more about it, click here.