Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News from photo land. .

Open Lab Hours:
There are some changes in the open lab hours during the last few weeks of the semester - 
•Friday, May 1 - the Hicks digital lab will be closed from 9-1 for a scheduled class.  Students who wish to work in open lab can use MM 17 during this time.
•Saturday open lab hours for the end of the semester:
Saturday, May 2:  Digital lab 10am-5pm, darkroom 2pm-5pm
Saturday, May 9:  Digital lab 10am-5pm, darkroom 2pm-5pm
THIS SUNDAY ONLY OPEN LAB (DIGITAL ONLY) from 1-4pm during Arts at Bucks.
Don't forget to come to Arts at Bucks with your friends and family.  There will be a reception and awards presentation for the student show on Sunday, May 3 from 1-4pm.  
•The Photo Club will be holding a print sale during Arts at Bucks from 1-4pm on Sunday, May 3.  Get psyched, bring $$$$.  You can buy some great art before these folks become famous!

Good luck with finals and the rest of the semester!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Studio & Lighting . . .a BIG thanks to Freestyle Salon and our models!!

On Thursday students in VAFA 211 Studio & Light worked with stylists from Freestyle Salon in Newtown and 5 fabulous models for a very successful shoot.  Thanks to the generous stylists at Freestyle who gave their time and talents for an afternoon and thanks to our models Lisa, Mita, Ross, Margo and Dayna.  Photos above by (from top to bottom): Victoria Yokota, Nikkita Paterson, Sharon Mastrosimone, Meghan Thorrick & Jim DiPaolo.  All images ©2009.

Congratulations Sue Kott & Sharon Mastrosimone

Photographs by  Sue Kott and Sharon Mastrosimone will be included in the 27th Annual Ellarslie Open Exhibition at the Trenton Museum.  An opening reception will be held April 25 from 5-9pm.  For more information, you can click on this 

Monday, April 13, 2009


The works listed below have been selected for the student exhibition.  We had to make some very difficult decisions, we had about 200 entries for around 30 spots!  The competition was tough.  Congratulations to all on your hard work this year.  If your work was selected you must pick up your piece and return it matted by noon on Monday, April 20.  Be sure to put the label on the back of the piece.  All work is now available for pick-up in the photo office.

In no particular order:
Sarah Setting Patterns
Kaitlyn Campbell Washington Monument
Molly Nadav one two three
Adam Burke Untitled (girl sleeping in comfy chair)
Laura Landau Flowered Joy
Nikkita Patterson Sherman Still #5
Jessica Badgley Childhood
Nicole Ogborn Linda
Kate Hargreaves She’s Waiting
Stacey Gerlach Michelle
Mike Mastronardi Freight Wait
Joshua Tolby Swept Away
Susan Kott Brown Pears I
Meghan Thorrick Spellbound
Sharon Mastrosimone Skating Beauty
Victoria Yokota Harnett’s Violin
Nancy Sher Brittany #1
David Wagner Woman Shopping
Dave Carter Speeding
Carol Elliot Diner
Emmett Gallagher Hydrant and Shadows
Chris Kirk Untitled (night exposure of building)
Burns Austin Self Portrait
Danielle Duffy Washington Crossing Park
Robert Beighley Sycamore Drive
Jim Carry Untitled (3 buildings with reflection)
Jaime Lee Monreal Flying Seagulls
Robin Odland Untitled (man playing harmonica)
Jim DiPaolo Peek a boo
Janice Watson Rushing
Jettie Sailor Scenery from the River
David Wagner Woman Shopping
Bill Kraus BCCC Photo II Darkroom Instruction
Molly Nadav Wires Flowing
Linda Bontempi Night Bocce
Nicholas Ramsey Jettie Sailor
Nicholas Ramsey Brittany
Hayley Tomlinson Oma
Ben Manns Untitled

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Advising & Registration.

That time has come again.  Be sure to sign up for an advising appointment ASAP.  Registration starts at the end of April.  You can not register until you have been advised.  If you wold like to take a photo class in Fall 2009, we will be offering the following classes
Photography I - VAFA 151 - Learn how to expose, process and print black and white film in the darkroom.
Large Format Photography - VAFA 257 - Learn how to use a view camera (just like Ansel Adams).  Cameras are provided for student use.  Prerequisite:  Photography I
Digital Photography I - VAFA 110- Learn digital camera techniques and the basics of Photoshop.
Digital Photography II - VAFA 210- Learn advanced digital photography techniques, color correction and digital printing. Prerequisite:  Digital Photography I
Studio & Light - VAFA 211 - Learn how to use studio lighting equipment (strobe and continuous tone) to photograph people and objects in the studio.  Prerequisite:  Digital Photography I OR Darkroom Photography I and VAMM 100.  


In case you missed the photo club meeting last Thursday:
•We will be holding a print sale during Arts at Bucks May 2-3.  We are looking for darkroom and digital photo donations.  All proceeds from the sale will go to the Photo Club.  Donations can be placed in the box in the photo office in Hicks.  
•The Photo Club and the Photo Blog are combining to sponsor an online juried photo show.  You may submit as many photos as you would like saved as jpegs and labeled with your name.  They can be placed in the "Photo Club Contest" folder on the New Arts server.  Photo club members will vote to choose the winning submissions during the meeting on Thursday, April 28 at 12:30.  Submit your work and come to the meeting to vote for  your favorites!
•Next photo club meeting to discuss a possible spring trip as well as the print sale and photo contest will be on this Thursday, April 23 at 12:30 in the photo lab.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Join us for the next meeting of the Bucks Photo Club. We will be meeting in the photo area in Hicks on Thursday, April 9 from 12:30 to 1:30.  We are going to discuss plans for an informal photo trip and photo contest.  Please come!  All are welcome.