Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 student show - accepted entries.

Congratulations to the following students!  Over 200 photographs were submitted for the student exhibition this year.  The judges had a VERY difficult time narrowing the selection!  Many beautiful photos were not included due to space restrictions.  We simply can't show all of the beautiful work which was submitted. Please do not feel badly if your work was not selected.

The following pieces were selected - in no particular order:

Bucks Student show 2013 – accepted photos.

Kim Mautz     “Untitled”  (naked cowboy)                        
Matt Gruskin     “Untitled” (girl running)                                         
Jessica Waldinger      “1977”                                                                                  
Jessica Waldinger      “I Went to Catholic School”                                     
Irina Tachkova       “Daddy’s Little Girl”                                                 
Briana Mount         “Florida Palm Tree”                                                 
Lauren Celini           “Picnic”                                                                      
Rebecca Stitzinger    “Halo of Nature”                                                       
Annette Antolik            “God Bless the Delaware”                                       
Michael Orzechowski      “Soccer Moment”                                                     
Maureen Murphy    “Cemetery Friends”                                                 
Josh Heistand       “Up”                                                                           
Sarah Kridenoff    “Hanging Out”                                                          
John Satriano        “Grilled Cheese”                                                       
Christina Spiro       “Not a Polaroid”                                                       
Christina Spiro        “The Lonely Tree”                                                    
Carol Elliot              “Provincetown House”                                            
Janice Watson            “Window Seat”                                                         
Briana Gallagher       “Cityscape”                                                               
Sara Gunther             “Untitled” (girl under streetlight)                         
Susan Kott              “Living in the Shadow”                                            
David Wagner        “River in Snow Capped Mountains”                                  
Susan Gottshall       “Steel Mill Mosaic”                                                   
Ed Canning             NEED TITLE (small format piece)                          
Kelly Pullman      “Katie”                                                                                   
Cara McCaffrey          “Mona”                                                                      
Joseph Barford         “Untitled #6”                                                            
Taylor Ejdys              “The Detective”                                                        
Katelyn Kopenhaver     “Miss Philadelphia”                                                 
Jettie Sailor        “The Nerve of Some People”                                              
Margaryta Kenis        NEED TITLE (light and shadow photo)                 
Glenn Ichnestock     “Afternoon Light”                                                     
Jennifer Marquis        “The Music Man”                                         
Abigail Larsen Biggs   “Self Portrait”                                                                       
Courtlyn McPeak             “Self Portrait 2”                                                        
Danielle Morocco             “Wine Glass”                                                             
Michael Giordano           “Entrance”                                                                
Margo Greb               “Untitled”                                                                  
Margo Greb              “No. 1”                                                                                   
Richard Hackman            “Kid Land”                                                                
Ryan Whiteoak                 “Sansom Street at Nite”                                           
 Margo Greb                     “Untitled”                                                      
Lori Patano                    “Gun Series #2”

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS MUST BE PICKED UP BY MONDAY, APRIL 22.  WE DO NOT HAVE ROOM TO STORE ALL OF THE WORK.  Accepted photographs must be matted or mounted and returned to the Hicks Art Center gallery by Tuesday, April 23 at 5pm.