Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Photo Challenge!

With the impending storm, we think it might be fun to have a "snow photo" challenge.  Send us your best snow photo from the storm - be creative!  Save the file as a jpeg and email it  Only one photo per person - all of the photos will be posted.  Deadline for photos is friday afternoon.  Hit us with your best shot! (but be safe while you are at it)

We have already received the first photo!  Thanks to Fred Crown for getting us started.

"Whiteout Rose" ©Fred Crown 2015
"Tyler Hall in Snow" ©2015 Meg Eubank
©2015 Camille M. Coffin
"Winter Samsara" ©2015 Irina V. Tachkova

©2015 Margarita Kenis

"Georgie" ©2015 Sue Kott

©2015 John Satriano

©2015 Michelle Kott

©2015 David Wagner

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